Milburn Landscape is located in Amarillo, TX. We specialize in custom irrigation systems and stylish landcape design.

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Milburn Landscape, Sprinkler & Concrete has been serving the Amarillo & Panhandle area since 1983. When it comes to a lush green lawn there is considerable cost in the typical sod placement that most local landscape companies offer today. Milburn Landscape has a proven system to landscape large areas, even acreages with cost savings using the hydromulch method. Also known as hydroseeding this works well in obtaining a blanket of grass. We can cover large amounts of soil at very reasonable rates based on a per square footage.

Hydromulch is approximately one-third the cost of sod. Sod is used a great deal in landscape and put down certain times of the year. Typical sod placement sits on top of the soil base requiring lots of water to survive. Hydromulch grass system develops deep roots quickly unlike the sod therefore conserving your water. Our unique hydromulch products are engineered to withstand most down pours and wind erosion common in our geological area.

The first step is prepping the soil and reinforcing high erosion areas to receive the high quality grass seed of your choice along with special slow release fertilizers encapsulated in a special wood fiber and paper mulch compound which is dyed a green color to help us visually place the spray mixture in the desired areas. Once the hydromulch grass system is installed all you do is maintain a watering schedule. It only takes a short period of time whether it be a residential lawn or private hunting range, a skeet shoot area, or even a private lake to develop into a lush green lawn. In short order giving you beautiful green grass in the areas you desire in some cases as little as three weeks.

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Whether you are looking for that one-of-a-kind custom landscape or a full irrigation system, Milburn Landscape is your solution! Our craftsmen design your project for the best possible appearance with your home or business. Don't settle for an unattractive landscape for your lawn. Insist on the best. Insist on Milburn Landscape.